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Application for Horse Boarding

If you are interested in boarding at Beldar Haven, we highly recommend scheduling a tour to come and view our facility and meet our staff prior to applying. To do this, please call us at (360) 654-4683 or email us at to set up an appointment.

If you are ready to board with us, please fill out the application below. We will typically respond within one business day (or sooner). If you have submitted your application and do NOT hear from us within this timeframe, please contact us to ensure it was received.

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Family members or friends who may regularly accompany horse owner Note: anyone coming onto the property must sign a waiver and agree to the barn rules the first time they arrive.

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Has this horse ever injured a person or another horse? If yes, please explain.

Has this horse ever been exposed to coggins, strangles, equine herpes, or any other contagious equine disease? If yes, please explain. Note: all horses new to the barn will be quarantined in their stall/turnout for a period of 14 days upon arrival regardless of previous exposure to ensure the health and safety of all.

Does this horse have any history of colic or other medical problems? If yes, please explain.

Are you the sole owner of this horse? If not, please explain.

Does this horse have any history of behavioral issues? (biting, kicking, bucking, rearing, pulling back when tied) If yes, please explain.

Does this horse crib, chew wood, windsuck, weave or have any other habits? If yes, please explain.

Does this horse have a history of escaping from stalls, paddocks, pastures or other enclosures? If yes, please explain.

What else should we know about this horse? (e.g., allergies, fears, herd behavior, special dietary needs)

What does your horse currently eat (type and amount) each day?

Are you hoping to have our farm staff provide the additional daily feeding/ supplements for your horse?

Do you prefer your horse be turned out daily, on specific days, or restricted to private outdoor paddock access only? Note: turnout is weather dependent. For example, we will not turn horses out in steady rain or high wind.

What blankets/hoods/etc, if any, will you be providing for this horse? Note: blanketing will be changed based on temperature in accordance with the weight of the blankets you provide, unless special arrangements are made. Please be aware there may be an extra cost if your requested blanketing routine deviates significantly from standard boarding procedure.

Contacts and References

Please provide the information (contact person, contact number, email) pertaining to the 2 most recent location where your horse lived or is currently living. Please note, we may be contacting these barn as references.

What veterinary clinic are you currently using? Please provide a contact name and number. (Please note, we may be contacting this veterinarian as a reference)

What farrier are you currently using? Please provide a contact name and number. (Please note, we may be contacting this farrier as a reference)

Please provide two personal references that are horse related who may be contacted in addition to the equine professionals listed above. Be sure to include contact name, number and email.


Please provide us with any additional information you would like us to consider with your application, and/or include any questions you have for us regarding our facility and services. (optional)